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by on March 2, 2018


When I was younger I used to think that prosperity was all about how much one could have for oneself. Why wouldn’t I think this? This is what the culture teaches us, mass consumption for the benefit of one's self interest. We are driven to buy everything within our grasp... and to what what end? Enriching one self alone certainly does not result in happiness... in fact many will tell you it leads to the opposite.

But what if we had it all backwards?

What if the quest for prosperity and enrichment became all about how much we could give away rather than how much we could keep? What if by enriching others we also enriched ourselves?

This was part of the realization that I had when things really started to click for me with LocalsGuide. I realized LocalsGuide was not just a model for enriching myself but for enriching all those around me... and beyond.

Think about it. How many times did you imagine as a child that if you ever had a million dollars you would share with all the people you really cared about? Then as you got older (and you maybe even got the million dollars) your tone and approach totally changed. We see this all the time and it makes us wonder. How can people be so greedy and selfish? But it happens all the time. Some might say it is just human nature, but I think we just have poor social models and a lack of exposure to new possibilities of prosperity.

In my community of Ashland, Oregon I created a powerful media model. It is a direct mail publication that is read by more than 22,0000 people monthly. Every month I have a captive audience who eagerly await my monthly publication. I have complete editorial and publishing power to say in print anything I want. 

I could choose to divide the community with  negative news and criticisms, or I could choose to enrich the community with relationship building, community networking, and positive attention.

Every month I have the opportunity to build bridges and support local business owners and community members. I could shine a light on the positive things I appreciated in my community and this is exactly what I did. 

The results of these actions not only enriched myself but also everyone around me. A surprising thing occurred, LocalsGuide began to enrich the lives of all of our advertisers who were actively participating in the magazine. 

The more successful LocalsGuide became the more successful everyone became.

As the business has continued to grow it has become clear to me that the more that one has... the more one has to give.

Enriching oneself is such a boring endeavor which simply leads to a life of gluttony.

Our world is yearning for new models of business, community building, and prosperity.

Take for example the musician Drake. He was given $1,000,000 by his record label to create his next music video. Instead of spending all that money on his video, he gave away the money and turned that into the music video. His video has now had more than 98 Million Views. 

This is how we turn the model on it's head and create a new world. 

This is the model of LocalsGuide. A model of positive media that not only enriches oneself but one's community. 

I am looking forward to sharing more with you as I begin to unveil the LocalsGuide model with the world. 


Shields Bialasik
CEO & Founder


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