Shields Bialasik
by on February 28, 2018

Hi ,

I want to help you build a successful mobile guide and visitor information network in the next 90 days...

You may think it sounds crazy, but we are about to launch the long awaited LocalsGuide 2.0 system and I want you to be a part of our success story. 

I've setup a Free Online Community for interested individuals who want to explore this opportunity.

Join The LocalsGuide Community - Absolutely FREE

As a thank you for joining I am giving away a few gifts including:

I am looking to build success stories by helping 25 people build and launch successful mobile guides just like I have done in my home town of Ashland, Oregon... but I need your help.

If you are still interested in creating location aware guides or just curious to learn more then please join me.

Join The LocalsGuide Community - Absolutely FREE

As we move into launch mode I will be sharing my own person story hoping to inspire a core group  of early adopters to become the next LocalsGuide success stories!

Shields Bialasik

CEO & Founder

Explore The Possibilities

PS:  I am not trying to sell anything at this moment but rather reaching out to inspire and share this idea and opportunity.

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