Shields Bialasik
by on February 12, 2018

Often times we become so focused on selling our products and services that we fail to listen to and fulfill our customer’s dreams.  

House Painting By Don

What do I mean by customer dream? 

For many who have worked with me you will know that I continually mention this in our coaching & interview sessions. 

The customer dream can be both subtle and overtly obvious. Sometimes a customer comes right out and tells you what they are wanting. 

“I’ve had many houses painted in my life. I know all the tricks of the trade. I want this done on time and on budget. I’ve selected all the paints and know what I want.”

Other times they may be more vague or hidden.

I need my house painted. Do you know what color would look good? Should I do the interior as well?

However the trick is to listen, identify, and then stay focused on fulfilling.

You might not understand the dream immediately, so keep listening. 

In fact the customer might not even know themselves.  The fact that you are making an effort to listen to your customer alone will convey care and attention which wins business. 

Once you have identified a dream keep it at the forefront of all your interactions. This is where the mastery of sales comes into play. Part of the discovery of finding this dream is asking questions and then listening to the answers. 

  • Do they want everything done for them?
  • Are they wanting to be involved in the process or will they sign over full creative control?
  • Do they care about kindness and consideration or can they live with the rough and tumble paint crew smoking   cigarettes outside their house?

If you have any doubt about the answer to a question, ask the customer.

Along with looking at dreams you also have to address fears and objections of the client. Take action to provide a solution.

  • Do they have a time frame they are working on?
  • How strict is that timeline and what happens if that timeline is not met?
  • What can you do to assure them that you will have the job done on time?

Create certainty for your customers. It remove fears and meets the dreams.

We offer a 100% guarantee. Your house painted in 10 days or we do the do the job for free.

Finally we arrive as the cost of services. If you have done your homework you are not in a position of having to reduce your price to win the client.

In fact price is often the worst deciding factor when acquiring new clients. 
If a customer is feeling that you can meet all of their dreams and alleviate concerns they will most certainly pay more. 

And you have earned it for going above and beyond!

I hope this helps you have a better idea on how to identity and market to your customers. 

Keep asking, keep looking, and then verify with the customer.


Download The Customer Dream Worksheet for a practical exercise in working to identifying your customers dreams.