by on February 12, 2018

What makes your community great?

The amazing food?
The natural beauty?
The interesting history and culture?
The friendly locals?

Whatever it is, everyone wants to know about it!        

However, there is one big problem

Travel guides and websites are…

…Out-of-date …
…and inconvenient.

They also fail to provide visitors with what they really care about.

Introducing LocalsGuide…

…A guide for travelers and…locals too!

All around the world, people are searching for ways to connect.

That is why we created LocalsGuide; a cutting edge local media model that connects people to authentic and enriching experiences.

Our mobile guides and visitor information kiosks offer timely, accurate, content-rich information to shape timeless connections…

…Because the future of travel is:

…Curated, relevant, and customizable.

Does this sound like the type of guide that your community needs?

If so, we invite you to start your own LocalsGuide.


By claiming your city, you can easily create any number of guides ranging from in-depth city guides, museum guides, audio tours, winery tours, outdoor, sporting guides…and so much more.

The possibilities are endless!

As your guide grows, you can expand into visitor information kiosks strategically-placed in hotel lobbies, restaurants and points of interests. Perhaps your community needs a visitor information map or community magazine.

We’ve got you covered with premade templates and successful models that you can deploy in your own community.

We are here to help you every step of the way, sharing our proven model with you!

By joining LocalsGuide today, you gain instant access to all the tools, tips and training you need to launch your own guide today.

LocalsGuide is Locally Owned.

You own your guides.
LocalsGuide is Locally Controlled
You decide what to display.

LocalsGuide is Locally Monetized.

You keep the money.

LocalsGuide is a Game Changer.

The tourism industry will never be the same.

Welcome to the Future of Travel!