Shields Bialasik
by on January 29, 2018

LocalsGuide - Video Script Articulation

Trying to articulate the vision of LocalsGuide for a 2 minute video script.

We are a unique hyperlocal media model and software platform which allows people around the world to create their own custom guides. 

How it Works:

To participate in the LocalsGuide model a user must first claim their town or city. Once claimed the owner can begin to work within the LocalsGuide media model. The first and primary product is our state of the art mobile guide platform. From creating a fully fledged city guide, outdoor guide, film festival guide, festival guide…. etc.

A user can easily create their own LocalsGuide and then instantly publish it within the LocalsGuide app.

City Guide owners can take it further by deploying their own Visitor Information Network of touch screen digital kiosks.  - Good Language here - Provide a world class visitor experience, reduce clutter and free up valuable space, offer accurate & timely advice. Introducing the LocalsGuide visitor information and tourism kiosk solution. Content rich and loaded with information your visitors care about!


All guides are locally curated, locally owned and locally monetized. Google and big players are confusing and cluttered. LocalsGuide is directed and focused. It is built upon the local editorial and personal referral. 

Visitor Information Kiosks can be highly curated and display exactly what hotel owners want. No more promoting your competitors within  your space. Why let google monetize your space? LocalGuide makes you your own media mogul and gives you a cutting edge product travelers expect and hotel owners will adore.

World Wide Community:

By working together you can join other ((LocalsGuide Owners)) around the world you can join a growing number of success stories. The success of one contributes to the success of all because we share in an online community. 

Travelers care about local and this helps them discover and get unclose and personal with real and engaging experiences. Locals Care about local because it creates prosperity and build long term relationships.


Keywords we have used but I think are dated are hyperlocal, micro franchise, community powered, locally owned. 

The subtitle to is Know the Community.

The End Vision:

 A global micro franchise… but franchise is not the right word because product is licensed. giving people around the world a low cost opportunity to do their own Localsguide. To become their own local media mogul. This is low cost high value opportunity. Actual costs to do this on your own would easily be in the thousands of dollars. But why reinvent the wheel? We are taking our model and sharing all the secrets globally on how to build great communities. 

Mobile Guide and Visitor Information Kiosks are not all we offer. 

After claiming a town and becoming a LocalsGuide member owners do not have to do the mobile guide and or launch a visitor information network. This might not work in every community and that is why we offer other products from our hyperlocal community paper model, to visitor map, Audio Guide and coaching, local experts and more…

Feeling and Emotion:

New, bold, International, Disruptive to old media models, exciting, forward thinking. This the future. Everyone needs a LocalsGuide and this can be your opportunity to be a part of something great!  It's All About Local. The future is not about more. The future is about less. More refined search. Curated high values guides. Guide books and paper are outdated.

End Goal:

Clean, smooth and streamline. The main goal is to get people to claim their city which means checking availability. Then sign up and help make it happen! The adventure begins from there. 

Thank you - Shields Bialasik