Shields Bialasik
by on March 15, 2018


In the early years of being an entrepreneur I put a lot of effort into being organized. Writing a list and following it was hard for me. I would get lost and distracted. Then I would have to start again. This has always been a challenge for me because I also like to remain open to possibilities and not proceed to a fixed destination that may no longer be relevant once I arrive.

Any fool can follow a wild dream, but the real art is in the finishing and turning that dream into reality!

With that said, FINISHING becomes a practice in and unto itself. How does one finish strong with fluidity, adaptability and consistency?

Pay close attention to unfinished things in your life and train yourself to finish no matter what it takes. Close the door when you walk out. Make your bed when you rise in the morning. See that the projects you undertake are possible and don't embark on projects that are beyond your scope.

Eventually, as you grow, your endeavors will become more complex. You will push your boundaries and limits. Therefore you need to gain the confidence through past experience that you can indeed finish. You may question your sanity but your history of success will encourage you forward!

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